Calibrachoa hybrid 'Celebration Sun'

Celebration Sun

Calibrachoa hybrid

The Celebration series flowers growers the most diverse range of fashionable colors, patterns and habits. Continual flowering from early spring through autumn, they are the perfect pop of color for home gardens, patios and hanging baskets. Designed by growers, the Celebration series has flowers that stay open under lower light and cooler temperatures, when compared with other varieties. The broad collection of plant habits and vigor allows growers to custom design a program that works in all container sizes as well as selecting outstanding additions to combination containers.

Height: 6 to 12"
Spacing: 8 to 12"
Seasons: Early Spring, Spring, Summer, Autumn
Colors: Yellow
Lights: Sun, Part Sun
Usage: Containers, Hanging Baskets
Features: Hummingbird Attractor, Pollinator Plant