Alternanthera hybrid 'FanciFillers™ Choco Chili'
Produced under license from Westhoff and/or PAC. Unlicensed propagation prohibited. Terms of Use.

FanciFillers™ Choco Chili Wesalchochi

Alternanthera hybrid

This very heat tolerant dark purple foliage combines well with almost anything for summertime combination containers and baskets. The foliage is a nearly black-purple on top and a bright ruby on the bottom giving a multi-dimensional look. The vigorous upright, spreading habit arches over the edge of the containers and mingles well with other annuals.

The plants are naturally compact with outstanding branching and will not require growth regulators in production. The plants are incredibly heat tolerant and will make fantastic garden plants in the south. Foliage color is darkest under full sun conditions.

Height: 8 to 12"
Spacing: 12 to 18"
Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Colors: No colors listed.
Lights: Sun, Part Sun
Usage: Containers, Hanging Baskets, Garden, Landscape
Features: Heat Seeker