Pelargonium hybrid 'Chocolate™ Dragon Fruit'

Chocolate™ Dragon Fruit Pacchopin

Pelargonium hybrid

Chocolate geraniums are distinctively different with their intense, dark green foliage that really sets off the color of the bloom. Chocolate geraniums pair up very well with the Elanos series in size, crop culture and timing. The well-structured, compact plants are a perfect fit for any 4 or 6-inch program and mix well in larger containers. At retail, consumers are often attracted to this new dark-leaf form, associating the dark foliage color to overall plant health.

Height: 12 to 18"
Spacing: 10 to 12"
Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Colors: Pink
Lights: Sun
Usage: Containers, Garden, Landscape
Features: Drought Tolerant, Heat Seeker