Portulaca hybrid 'ColorBlast Swizzle Mix (Lemon Twist, Mango Mojito, Watermelon Punch)'
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ColorBlast Swizzle Mix (Lemon Twist, Mango Mojito, Watermelon Punch)

Portulaca hybrid

The new ColorBlast portulaca set a new standard for drought tolerant color. From the vivaciously colored single mixes to the explosive fully doubles, to the industry changing stripes, the ColorBlast line is bringing a lot of excitement to garden beds and borders for low maintenance summertime color.

Height: 4 to 12"
Spacing: 12 to 18"
Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Colors: No colors listed.
Lights: Sun
Usage: Containers, Hanging Baskets, Garden, Landscape
Features: Drought Tolerant, Heat Seeker, Pollinator Plant