Petunia hybrid 'Crazytunia® Ultra Cardinal Blue'
Produced under license from Westhoff and/or PAC. Unlicensed propagation prohibited. Terms of Use.

Crazytunia® Ultra Cardinal Blue

Petunia hybrid

Consumers are welcoming the new additions to our core petunia collections with open arms and freshly prepped flowerbeds. While some of our sheer and shimmery classic shades are still best sellers, there is an overwhelming demand to provide an even broader range of unique colors and patterns to create custom combinations. Our Crazytunia series range in displays from stonewash to starburst. There are neon brights, velvety blacks, pulsating duo-tones and bold confetti splashes.

Height: 6 to 12"
Spacing: 12 to 18"
Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Colors: Blue Violet, Pink
Lights: Sun
Usage: Containers, Hanging Baskets, Garden, Landscape
Features: No special features listed.