Cuphea hybrid 'FloriGlory® Corazón'

FloriGlory® Corazón UNGCU 34

Cuphea hybrid

There is no competition for these new Mexican Heathers. The FloriGlory series of cuphea has 5x the flower power with excellent garden vigor compared to the industry standards, Allyson and White.

The FloriGlory series of Mexican Heather comes in two types: multfifloriferous bedding plant types (Latina names) and very large flowered landscape types (Latino names).

Height: 12 to 16"
Spacing: 18 to 24"
Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Colors: No colors listed.
Lights: Sun
Usage: Containers, Garden, Landscape
Features: Drought Tolerant, Heat Seeker, Pollinator Plant