New Guinea Impatiens hybrid 'Impacio® Lavender Pink'

Impacio® Lavender Pink

New Guinea Impatiens hybrid

Impacio New Guinea Impatiens are a new category that not only put on a flourish of blooms through the heat, but also tolerate cooler temperatures, where traditional New Guineas would fail. This means that Impacio can be found in garden centers earlier to get a head start on garden color. Bred by PAC, this prized collection has a ton of large, open faced flowers with beautiful colors and can be grown in shade or sun with maximum garden performance.


Height: 6 to 8"
Spacing: 8 to 12"
Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Colors: Lavender, Pink
Lights: Part Sun, Shade
Usage: Containers, Garden, Landscape
Features: Cold Tolerant, Heat Seeker, Pollinator Plant